Operation Normandy Heroes



Many WWII heroes brought back souvenirs from their time in Europe or kept other various service related items for many years until their passing. Their families often come across these wartime souvenirs while cleaning out an attic or going through an old footlocker and eventually end up inheriting them. But at some point or other we all wind up with too much stuff. We donate it, sell it on the internet or at a yard sale or are sometimes even forced to throw it away.

« Operation Normandy Heroes » aims to help families who would like to donate a picture, an object or a document related to their WWII hero to a town or museum in Normandy. There it will be preciously preserved in the hope that it will create a bond between the people and places in Normandy and future generations of their family.

If you decide to book a tour with Normandy Heroes we would like to give you the opportunity to leave such a tangible connection with your WWII hero in Normandy.

Donating a picture, an object or a document is entirely on a voluntary basis and will come with an « Operation Normandy Heroes » certificate. Please contact us for further information.