Terms & Conditions


Congratulations ! You have just decided to take a once-in-a-lifetime tour with Normandy Heroes and trace your relative’s footsteps in Normandy during WWII. Based on the information you have on your Normandy Hero and the time you are willing to spend in Normandy we will make our recommendations for your tour.

Preparing for your Normandy Heroes tour requires a substantial amount of research and planning. To confirm your tour and start this unique adventure you would therefore need to make a 50% deposit which includes the research fee (+ a 3.9% Paypal transaction fee). Normandy Heroes will then confirm your booking in writing (confirmation e-mail). By confirming your booking and paying a 50% deposit for your tour with Normandy Heroes you acknowledge you have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions as outlined on this page.

Upon receiving your deposit and confirming your booking in writing, Normandy Heroes will then request the necessary archives which will be used to propose a detailed tour itinerary within 2 weeks of your booking confirmation.

Any special arrangements with museums, town halls, private parties or civilian eyewitness of the fighting in 1944 will be confirmed one week before your tour.


The balance of your tour fee must be made payable at the end of each day of touring. Payment can only be made in Euros cash.

Change of Dates

If you wish to change your tour dates after an initial confirmation of your booking Normandy Heroes will do its best to accommodate your wishes for your initial tour dates. If this is not possible any such change of dates less than 60 days before your initial tour dates may be treated as a cancellation of the initial booking without a refund of your deposit.


Your 50% deposit is non refundable for any cancellation 60 days or less from your tour date. We recommend you check your travel insurance policy for coverage. If you cancel your tour in writing more than 60 days from the tour date, a refund will be given less the research fee for the archives that were requested for your tour which you will receive in a pdf format.

If your tour is cancelled by Normandy Heroes then you will be entitled to a full refund unless the cancellation results from any event beyond our reasonable control including  but not limited to hostilities, political unrest, war or warlike activity, threat of war, riots, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, natural or nuclear disasters, fire, flood, epidemic or health risk, on advice from any environmental health office or government body, technical problems to transport, airport closures, adverse weather conditions.

If any special arrangements with museums, town halls, private parties or civilian eyewitness of the fighting in 1944 are cancelled less than one week before your tour, Normandy heroes cannot be held accountable and no refund can be made.

Additional Terms and Conditions

Normandy Heroes reserves the unconditional right to refuse a booking or terminate a tour in the event of conduct which in the exclusive opinion of any of its employees or principals is likely to cause distress, damage, danger or annoyance or damage to property belonging to members of your party, employees of Normandy Heroes or any third party. This includes your failure to advise Normandy Heroes of any medical condition or disability. If your tour is terminated as a result of any of the conduct described in this paragraph, Normandy Heroes will not be responsible for any loss, cost, expense or damage sustained by you or any person in your party as a result thereof.

If you have any special need, including any disability, Normandy Heroes will be pleased to accept your booking insofar as we can accommodate you in our vehicles. Any disability or special requirements must be notified to Normandy Heroes in writing at the time of booking. You should also be aware that although many sites cater for wheelchairs, there may still be steps or stairs and some sites visited may not be accessible to those with mobility needs.

You and Normandy Heroes agree that this contract is subject to European law and the courts of Europe shall have exclusive jurisdiction in respect of any dispute or difference arising between the parties. In the event of disruption caused by any circumstance described and in the furtherance and best interests in the continuance of the tour, Normandy Heroes reserves the unconditional right to alter the itinerary, routes, accommodation arrangements or any other detail as may become unavoidably necessary during the tour arising from reasons beyond our control. We will discuss any necessary changes with you before making them, but Normandy Heroes will not be obliged to extend the duration of the tour or change the final destination. Normandy Heroes will not be responsible for any consequential loss to you or additional expense arising from any changes made in such circumstances.

For your protection and ours it is strongly recommended that you and all members of your party have in force at the commencement of your tour travel insurance which will indemnify you in respect of the normal risks of travel, including in particular injury, illness or death. Your policy should as a minimum cover the cost of emergency medical treatment, repatriation, loss of baggage, compensation for travel delay, and cancellation fees.

Any complaints or dissatisfactions should be notified in the first instance to Geert Van den Bogaert and if not immediately resolved should be notified in writing to Normandy Heroes within 28 days after completion of the tour. You agree that if the complaint cannot be immediately resolved by Normandy Heroes to your satisfaction you and Normandy Heroes will enter into mediation before you take any other action.

Normandy Heroes is insured in respect of public liability. The company accepts liability for personal injury or death arising out of its negligence or for loss arising out of any breach of contract on its part, but will not be liable for any consequential or purely economic loss whatsoever.