A Dream Come True

« For many years I have looked forward to retracing the route my father Ed ‘Dick’ Little took while helping to return freedom to the people of France. Geert helped to make that dream a reality and I really appreciate the preliminary research he did in order to take us to the precise coordinates of my father’s Company from Omaha Beach to Mortain and Hill 314. Thank you for all you do to keep this part of our shared history alive!»

Dr. Kay L. Stockdale, daughter of Cpl. Edward E. Little

Cpl. Ed « Dick » Little served in Company M, 120th Infantry Regiment, 30th « Old Hickory » Infantry Division.  Arriving in Normandy a week after D-Day, his journey through Europe would not end before reaching the Elbe river in Germany. He and his wife Hazel returned to Europe on two occasions after the war to commemorate the 40th and 45th anniversaries of the liberation. Unfortunately his daughter had not been able to join her father on his return trips. In 2014 she finally realized her dream.


Kay and Dennis Stockdale in the Normandy American Cemetery at the grave of Kay’s father’s good friend John Sauls of Wilson County, NC. During her visit Kay got to meet the Frenchman who has adopted Sauls’ grave.


Dr. Kay Stockdale with local historian Noel Sarazin and Normandy Heroes guide Geert Van den Bogaert at Hill 314 in Mortain. During her vist there Kay was filmed for the upcoming documentary « Heroes of Old Hickory ».