One Final Wish

« I feel so fortunate on so many levels. I am one of the few who actually saw where my father died. I was granted this moment to feel close to a man I never knew but who had become very real to me through Geert’s efforts. It is obvious that this was more than a job to him. He had a true sensitivity for what his work involved. » 
John Privitera, son of Sgt. John A. Schadt

Sgt. John A. Schadt served in Company G, 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division and was killed in Normandy on D-Day when his C-47 transport plane crashed near the village of Picauville. Mr. John Privitera who never knew his father and was adopted after the war came to Normandy to learn more about his biological father.

Thanks to Geert and with the help of local friend Michel Gaudry, John Privitera discovered his father’s WWII story and stood at the spot where his plane had crashed on D-Day.
John Privitera suddenly passed away only two weeks after his life changing experience in Normandy. During his visit he was able to stand at the grave of his father for the first and eventually final time in his life…