Fighting for America

« I really wasn’t sure I would enjoy spending a whole day hearing about World War II history, but I really enjoyed the way Geert brought to life the events and places that my Dad had experienced in June of 1944. It’s not just his intimate knowledge of the WWII and local history, but also his style of presenting the information in such a personalized fashion that made the day so memorable. He truly has a gift for communication that makes the info completely understandable and fascinating to hear. In the end our day with Geert and the people and places he introduced us to was over all too soon. »
 Barbara Carmichael, daughter of Pvt. Nicholas A. Stein

Pvt. Nicolas Stein served in Company I, 16th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division. Born in Romania in 1920 as the son of a man who fought for Germany in World War One, Stein grew up in St. Louis, MO and did not hesitate to serve his country when duty called. In Normandy Stein fought with distinction until severely wounded when an enemy truck ran over a nearby mine on 15 August 1944 near Saint-Maurice-du-Desert.

Geert and Barb on Omaha BchBarbara Carmichael listening to Geert just off Fox Red sector on Omaha Beach where her father’s Company experienced a terrible ordeal on D-Day.

French farm 3Randy and Barbara Carmichael at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lenault in the hamlet of Le Blanc where I Company was headquartered following D-Day.