A Forgotten Hill

« I am thankful for the great job that Geert did on our tour.  It more than met our expectations.  The tour of Omaha Beach, the special lunch, the visit to the American Cemetery and Vidouville were wonderful.  The work Geert did to gather information on my dad’s service was very helpful.  I had never heard of Vidouville or Hill 183.  Since getting the information from Geert, I have been able to gather additional information. I would highly recommend Geert to anyone looking for a private family heritage tour of Normandy.»

                                                                                                                          Joe Howard, son of Pvt. Roland B. Howard

Pvt. Roland B. Howard arrived as a replacement in Normandy and Joined Company A, 10 Infantry Regiment, 5th Infantry Division on 27 July 1944 to participate in the attack on Hill 183 near Vidouville. During the bloody fighting the men of the Red Diamond Division rooted the tough German parachutists who bitterly contested the town and hill. In his war memoirs Roland Howard remembered not only the savage fighting but also the terrible suffering of the civilian population.  His son Joe would learn about both in detail on his tour with Normandy Heroes.

P1000268Joe Howard and his son at Vidouville, site of the first fighting their father and grandfather saw in WWII

P1000258 (1)The Howards recieved a warm welcome at the town hall in Vidouville. A very powerful moment occured when Joe read his father’s memoirs, remembering the civilian suffering he witnessed in 1944. A copy of Roland Howard’s war recollections is now preserved in Vidouville.