Love and War

« I contracted with Geert expecting a straight forward tracing of my father’s movements across Normandy. That in and of itself would have met my expectations. But Geert is not in the business of meeting expectations. He’s in the business of exceeding them; by a wide margin. More than seeing where my dad was at a point in time, Geert connected my wife and I face-to-face with people, living today, that were in those same places at those points in time. Simply incredible and an experience of a lifetime that I will always cherish. »

Steve Rainwater, son of Pfc. Cisco E. Rainwater

Pfc. Cisco E. Rainwater arrived in Normandy as a replacement in late July 1944. Shortly thereafter he joined Company B, 28th Infantry Regiment, 8th Infantry Division. He served with the unit until the end of WWII in Germany where he would meet his future wife. After the war they raised a family together and Cisco reinlisted serving several more years in the Army until 1966.

105_2677Steve Rainwater in the field in Chef-du-Pont where his father spent his first night in France with the 48th Replacement Battalion. 

105_2680[1]Steve and Gayle Rainwater with the mayor, deputy mayors and honorary mayor of Millières at the town’s 8th Infantry Division Memorial