Men Will Come

« My wife and I were thrilled with the personalized tour of the Normandy invasion sights with Geert.  He took us right to the sight where my wife’s father had dropped his paratroopers early in the morning on D-Day.  In addition he gave us detailed information about my father-in-law, his crew, and their mission the following day when they were hit by anti-aircraft fire but managed to fly the damaged airplane back to England.  Reading about these exploits is one thing, but standing there where they happened, with an expert like Geert, makes them come alive. Thanks Geert! »

James Hinderhofer, son-in-law of 1/Lt. Maurice R. Perreault

1/Lt. Maurice R. Perreault was a C-47 pilot with the 50th Troop Carrier Squadron, 314th Troop Carrier Group of the U.S. 9th Air Force. The group’s motto was « Viri Veniente » latin for « Men Will Come ». During WWII Lt. Perreault flew missions in North Africa, Italy, France and Holland. On D-Day, during Mission Boston, his plane successfully dropped elements of the 82nd Airborne Division behind enemy lines and then returned the following day on a second mission, dropping supplies. During this last mission his aircraft was severely damaged.


Andrea and James Hinderhofer at the 9th Air Force Troop Carrier Memorial in Picauville.


Andrea Hinderhofer by the grave of Sgt. Mitchell W. Bacon at the Normandy American Cemetery. Sgt Bacon’s plane was flying only 75 yards away from Andrea’s father’s plane when it was shot down killing 3 of the crew and wounding the pilot.