No Greater Sacrifice

« My husband, my daughter and myself took a trip to Normandy, France for the 70th Commemoration of D-Day. My father, Rans Venson Queen, landed on Utah Beach on D-Day with the 4th Division. He was KIA at Villebaudon France, on July 31. During my planning for the trip to Normandy, my friend Charlene from AWON (American War Orphans Network) suggested that I contact Geert Van Den Bogaert at Normandy Heroes. Geert indicated that he would conduct extensive research so that we could retrace my father’s steps from his landing in Normandy until his death. Geert is bright, energetic and very sensitive to the emotions of his clients. Over a two day period, we physically took the route my father did, we saw the buildings and landscape he experienced 70 years prior. It was an almost overwhelming experience to stand in the location where my father died.I am grateful for meeting Geert and having him help us retrace the last steps of my father. His knowledge and research made our trip detailed and more meaningful than I believe we could have planned alone. I highly recommend him as a tour guide.»

Nadeanne Kleinman, daughter of Pvt. Rans Venson Queen

Pvt. Venson Queen, served in Company E, 22nd Infantry Regiment, 4th Infantry Division from D-Day until 31 July 1944 when he made the greatest sacrifice laying down his life for his country and for freedom. During his time on the battlefield, Venson Queen encountered some of the most savage hedgerow fighting in Normandy. Surviving this ordeal, he was killed shortly after « Operation Cobra » when his unit came under intense mortar and artillery fire while attempting to dislodge the enemy off a clear ridge along the Villebaudon – Tessy-sur-Vire road. 70 years later his daughter finally had an opportunity to trace his footsteps.

Geert - NQK, NJK, JMK at Utah Beach #4The Kleinman family on Utah Beach where Venson Queen’s journey in Normandy started on D-Day.

Geert - Mayor, Farmer, Son, Geeert, Nora And nadeanne #14Nadeanne Kleinman, daughter of Pvt. Venson Queen and her family listening to local witnesses of the fighting her father was involved in in June 1944