On His Behalf

« For me, the trip to Normandy was a pilgrimage to honor my Father, but also a chance to fulfill something on his behalf. He once said that he would like to return to France, and see what it was like when he wasn’t under fire. Through the help of Geert and Normandy Heroes, I was able to make the journey into the parts of Normandy my Father experienced. I saw where he landed for the War, bivouacked, and entered the fighting. Furthermore, I had a chance to meet descendants of the French citizens for whom he had so much respect because of what they had endured. It was good to see that after all these years, his time in 1944, and the sacrifice of 8th Division veterans and the all the other divisions and branches of service have not been forgotten, but are held in honor by so many people. « 

Reverend Steven Unzicker, son of Pfc. Lowell W. Unzicker

 Pfc. Lowell Wayne Unzicker joined Company K, 13th Infantry Regiment, 8th Infantry Division as a replacement on 29 July 1944. He entered the hedgerows of Normandy and soon thereafter headed to Brittany where he would be wounded by shrapnel on Hill 88 only one month later. Returning to the front lines a few days later Lowell Unzicker ended the war in Germany as an assistant squad leader with the rank of Sergeant.

Europe UtahSteve Unzicker standing on Omaha Beach where his father landed in July of 1944

Europe 123 (2)Steve Unzicker with Normandy Heroes guide Geert Van den Bogaert and the mayor and former mayor of Ancteville, Normandy at La Fouberdière where Lowell Unzicker joined Company K, 13 Infantry Regiment, 8th Infantry Division as a replacement on 29 July 1944.