One Lucky Replacement

«Following the footsteps of a national and family hero was made possible by the fantastic research done by Geert. He captured in detail the emotions and experiences of my uncle in June-July 1944 from his initial landing at Utah Beach to the liberation of Périers. We are forever grateful for this experience and the understanding of history provided to us by Geert.»

Monica Saunders Zachary, niece of Pvt. William T. Tankersley

Pvt. William T. Tankersley arrived in Normandy on 16 June 1944 as a replacement with K Company, 357th Infantry Regiment, 90th Infantry Division. As a member of a unit that would momentarily become known as the « Trouble Division » Tankersley was immediately thrown into the midst of battle. He survived the bloody fighting at Beaucoudray in early July 1944 which is recorded in the Regimental History as « their bloodiest battle of the war ». He would continue the fight into Germany earning two Purple Hearts, surviving it all and thus becoming « one lucky replacement ».

DSC_1006With civilian eyewitness and 90th Division historian Henri Levaufre in Périers, Normandy

???????????????????????????????Monica and David Zachary posing by a 70th anniversary of the liberation of Périers poster during their tour.