Your Hero

WWII Veteran CapBook your tour to discover your hero’s story in Normandy during WWII. Normandy Heroes provides the absolute highest quality service both in preparing and conducting your once-in-a-lifetime tour experience. We therefore only offer a limited number of exclusive tours each year so that every single visit is given the absolute attention it deserves and becomes a very special and highly memorable experience. At Normandy Heroes we are very much about quality rather than quantity.

In order to make your tour a success it is therefore vital to contact us sufficiently in advance preferably at least one month. This time will be used to conduct the necessary research in the archives and conduct the fieldwork to prepare your tour.

To commence we would need your hero’s full name and rank and, if available, his unit and service numbers. To help you search for such information in family sources you can use this National Archives and Records Administration pamphlet.

For records from sources other than family archives, requests often need to be made several months in advance and many records can only be consulted on-site at the archives. So in order to save you considerable time and resources and avoid having to deal with bureaucratic government agencies, Normandy Heroes has teamed up with Golden Arrow Military Research. Their military research specialists are on-site at the National Archives and have access to records most people would not even know to look for. They will find and copy records for your tour and you will receive a pdf version of the files as part of your Normandy Heroes tour experience.

With those records Geert will prepare your tour using additional local archives and his extensive collection of personal files and books draw up your personalized itinerary. His perfect knowledge of the French language and culture and 10 years of close collaboration with numerous museums, towns, tourism offices and military cemeteries will enable him to arrange access for you to places not open to the public, find local eyewitnesses of the battles your loved one fought in, organize ceremonies with the people of Normandy, arrange for a special welcome at a museum, set up a meet and greet with a local mayor just to name a few possibilities.

Once everything arranged for your personalized tour itinerary, Normandy Heroes wants to assure the utmost tour comfort and a first class transport service. If you do not wish to drive your own rental vehicle you can choose to travel with Franco-American owned and Normandy based Albion Voyages. With their high spec VW and Mercedez vans with individual seats, courteous bilingual drivers and 24 hour service, Albion Voyages provides our guests with the best service available.